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Frequently Asked Question(s)

I put my phone on silent when I go to bed is there a way to hear Ipages when the phone is in silent mode? Yes, add the contact to your favorites and it should ring even in silent mode.
Why do Ipages come from a different each time? They don't but they do come from serval numbers. Click to download Ipage Contact. by adding this contact to your phone it will appear to come from the same place each time you can then add it to your favorites to ensure you are notification. Other recommendaions would be to added to your favorites and assign a unquie ring tone.
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Should I leave my Minitor on All night? YES!!
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Can I run stop signs and red lights when I have my blue light on? NO!!! You must follow all traffic rules and laws when responding this is includes but is not limited to speed limits, traffic signs and directions form law enforcement officers.
What should I do when I get to HQ for a MA or call back? See the office in charge for an assignment. Once you have been assigned to
- Find your seat
- Check your Pak
- Get and check a radio
- set up your gear so you can donned quickly. Make sure gear and bag is not a tripping hazard.
- Check car to make sure it starts and has room for everyone assigned to it
- Check Pak and put in back
- put tools/supplies in back
- Driver put gear in back do not drive in your bunker gear
Do not
- go inside stay in the bays
When Can I use my blue light? The blue light should only be use when responding to an emergency (10-75). Never use it when responding to HQ
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