DRIL DATE: May 2020


The goal of the May drill is to focus on ventilation



Fire Attack: Positive Pressure

  1. What is the purpose of Positive Pressure Ventilation (“PPV”)?
  2. What are the variables of the environment and structure that need to be considered in utilizing a coordinated PPV attack.
  3. What are the risks associated with PPV?
  4. What is the proper positioning of a fan for PPV? (4 to 6 feet back, angled back 5 to 15 degrees)
  5. How large does the exit vent opening have to be in relation to opening the utilized by the fan for PPV? (2x time size plus)
  6. Remember – always coordinate any PPV with the Incident Commander due to its impact on fire/smoke and heat conditions inside the structure.


Training Minutes: Roof Access
Reality Training: Vertical ventilation

  1. What tools/equipment is needed before ascending ladder to roof, and what needs to be confirmed?
  2. How do you ensure that the roof is sound, and when is a roof ladder needed?
  3. Where/How is inspection cut made, and what is purpose?
  4. After any hole is cut and roof opened, what does the 2nd FF do (the pole FF)?
  5. Reminder – never block off your path of egress from the roof.


  1. How do you perform hydraulic ventilation with a smooth bore nozzle vs. a fog or combination nozzle?
  2. How much of opening are we looking to cover with the hose stream for effective hydraulic ventilation?
  3. In what stage should the fire be when initiating hydraulic ventilation?